International Szczecin Sailing Awards

10.01-16.03.2024 / Szczecin
We invite you to nominate candidates for the International Sailing Awards of Szczecin. Awards will be given in 9 categories.

2023 has gone down in history as a year full of sailing expeditions, achievements, distant voyages and amazing accomplishments. This is the perfect time to summarize and appreciate sailing expeditions. Ahead of us is the next edition of the Szczecin International Sailing Awards. The awards are given to sailors from West Pomerania and Pomerania Vorpommern for exceptional achievement made in the previous year. The awards are a nod to the sailing community and are aimed at popularizing sailing and its traditions; honoring important sailing achievements (including those related to West Pomerania and Vorpommern); shaping and developing maritime awareness and recognizing achievements in the field of maritime education of children and young people.

Nomination forms will be accepted until February 15, 2024, and the winners will be announced on March 16.

Awards will be presented in 9 categories:
  • Main Award - Captain Ludomir Mączka Award;
  • Voyage of the Year - Wyszak Award (the founder of the Award is the West Pomeranian District Sailing Association);
  • Sailor of the Year (the founder of the Award is ZOZZŻ);
  • Regatta Rider of the Year - Award named after Captain Kazimierz Kuba Jaworski;
  • Popularizer of Sailing - Award named after Captain Kazimierz Haska;
  • Umbriaga Cat Award;
  • Coach of the Year - Award named after Teodor Czarnecki;
  • Sailing Event;
  • Sailing Special Award named after Aleksander Doby.

How to submit candidates?

Applications are conducted via an electronic form at the link You can also download an application form from and send it by mail to:

Applications for individual awards are open until February 15.

Candidates can be submitted by residents of Szczecin, West Pomerania and Pomerania, and in the case of the Captain Ludomir Mączka Award, also by residents of the whole of Poland. In addition, the candidates can also be submitted by members of the Chapter and public institutions, unions, associations, foundations, organizations and sailing clubs. From among the submitted candidates, the nominees for individual awards will be selected.

Event website: